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Better Health for a Better Life

DrFrancine_500.jpgWhen we are young, good health is often taken for granted.  We live and work with no thoughts of  the consequences today's actions will have on our health tomorrow. I often tell my clients that the pain they have today is the result of things they did when they were younger.

At some time, the work and play of our daily lives catches up with everyone of us. It sometimes starts by being unable to do what we used to do easily; and we just accept this as old age. We also start having pains and aches here and there and attribute it to old age; we just learn to live with the pain. People live with pain everyday blaming it on old age.

It's time to change this way of thinking and do something about our health. It is true that as we grow older our bodies are less resilient to the stresses of our daily lives. However, too many just live with their pain, feeling their is no solution to their problems.

Whether you suffer from a new injury, an old injury or chronic pains such as neck pain, low back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia etc..., there are ways to relieve or reduce your  pain and discomfort. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own health; so ask questions, inform yourself and be willing to try new types of care.

Take care of yourself : eat well, exercise and decrease your stress. Get care as soon as possible; waiting only makes things worse. Pain and other symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg- there are usually other underlying issues to these symptoms.

So don't wait, begin the process of improved health today.




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