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Don't Drink With Meals

To Drink or not to Drink – During Meals?  That is the Question, this is the Answer.

Drinking too many fluids during meals dilutes your stomach acids. Why is that a bad thing? Because you need healthy amounts of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) to break down your foods properly.

Our stomachs have a knack of knowing when you will eat and starts releasing digestive juices immediately. If you start drinking water at the same time, what you are actually doing is diluting the digestive juices being released to digest your food, thereby hindering them from breaking down food.

Fluids leave the stomach faster than solid food, and beverages tend to carry out the digestive juices of the stomach and the stomach is then left without sufficient juices to carry on its work. Laboratory tests have determined that water leaves the stomach in about ten minutes after its consumption. It carries the diluted, and consequently weakened, digestive juices along with it, thereby interfering with digestion.

Drinking with a meal also encourages poor chewing of the food since it is frequently washed down in a swallow of water or whatever. Normally food must be thoroughly mixed with saliva in the chewing process for it to be easily swallowed. This thorough chewing of food allows faster and better break down by the digestive juices and absorption of vitamins’ and nutrients into the body. Beverages replace the role of saliva in this respect, and permit the gulping of half-chewed food.

Though sipping a little water during meals isn't a cause for concern but drinking a glass or two may interfere with digestion. It is best to drink fluids thirty minutes before and two hours after meals as this helps in absorption of nutrients, researchers have found.

Combat the reasons as to why you need to drink water while you eat!

  1. Make sure your food is not too salty as this increases your thirst and a need to drink water at the same time.
  2. Eating in a rush will cause you to gulp your food down, and the need to wash it down with water while you eat.
  3. If your mouth is dry at meal times this may be a sign that you are not hydrating yourself at the right times during the day, so you feel the need to drink water while eating a meal.


Is there a correct way to eat our meals?

  1. Chew, chew and then chew some more. Remember you secrete a lot of the digestive juices (enzymes) while chewing; this makes the job of your stomach easier.
  2. Do not drink fluids while eating your food.
  3. Avoid heavy activity after a meal though a light walk is fine.
  4. A genuine sense of gratitude towards your meal; be grateful for what you eat. Studies show that people with a grateful attitude towards their meals, digest and assimilate food better.


Eat, Drink & Live Well !

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