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Fatigue - Tired of Being Tired?

The degree of fatigue varies from person to person, from those who do not have enough energy to accomplish the daily tasks, to those who are rendered almost helpless from exhaustion. Some of us may have inherited a weaker constitution from our parents or from early childhood traumas, and others may suffer from malnutrition or the inability to obtain the proper nutrients from the food that we eat.

No matter how tired we may be, we all have the ability to correct the situation through proper nutrition, supplementation, and exercise, combined with the proper balance of rest and activity. The first step is to discover the source of the tiredness.

Nutritional biochemistry, environmental toxins and allergies, stress, adrenal weakness, low thyroid, sleep disorders, hypoglycemia, gut toxicity, and food allergies are some of the causes that can propel us into an unbroken cycle of fatigue. In the following pages we shall go more deeply into the various causes of fatigue and their remedies and thereby hopefully discover the secret pathway to our own radiant health and vitality.

Usually it takes us quite a while to develop fatigue and likewise it will take us a while to build our energy reserves back up. We should be patient with ourselves and unravel the mystery of the cause of our state of fatigue and work consistently to restore our natural state of abundant energy.

The way life on earth is these days is so out of balance. Our bodies can be weakened to the point where they do not respond to the normal intake of nutrients. The most important thing that one can do for one's health in general is to build a strong immune system. The key to prevention of disease and increased vitality is a healthy, well functioning immune system.

The immune system can accumulate damage and become defective to the point that it cannot do its job. Immunity plays a role in most of the degenerative diseases of today.

Our immune system is genetically designed to protect and shelter us from disease. It is equipped with glands, cells, organs and proteins that fight off autoimmune diseases. With all of the diseases that are in the word today, ready to invade our bodies, the immune system must be prepared to fight back and win.

By eating a diet that is well balanced in nutrients, taking the proper supplementation, getting plenty of rest, developing a positive mental attitude and enjoying every moment, eliminating the stress causing factors from our lives, and with proper exercise we can build for ourselves an incredibly strong immune system.

happy_healthy_woman.jpgMost of our antioxidants come from the vegetable kingdom. If we buy organic produce that has been grown on mineral rich soil and consume as much as possible, we will have a good beginning on the road back to immune strength and vitality. I recommend adding vegetable juices into the diet on a daily basis. If you do not have a juicer you can blend vegetables in a blender with water. Check out our recipe page for some great meals, deserts and smoothies.

I recommend taking nutritional supplements along with your good diet in order to saturate you body with nutrients that are missing from our soil and our food supply. Slowly eliminate foods that you find are irritating and depleting to your body's energy reserves. By following these guidelines your immune system will naturally grow stronger.

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