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Pouring on the Pounds

Soda is making us fat. Sugary beverages don’t make you full, so the calories you drink add to those you eat rather than replace them. The beverage industry spends billions of dollars every year on advertising…and it’s working: Our consumption of sugary beverages has doubled in the past 30 years and now makes up 7% of our daily calories. Soda is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic.
Large amounts of Sugar in all soft drinks, sports drinks, juices and kids juice boxes.
The results? One in three Americans is obese, and an equal number will be diabetic by 2050. Obesity costs us $165 billion a year in medical expenses.

Man Eating Sugar NYC Dept of Health - Video
Industry says this is about choice, but we think it’s about profits. Profit with a total disregard for their customers’ health, and we’re all paying the price.

Learn more about Sugar and its effect's on your health at one of our upcoming Free Health Workshops and at our web site under "Sugar Health Facts"

North Adams Chiropractor | Pouring on the Pounds. Dr. Francine Lajoie is a North Adams Chiropractor.