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Pregancy and Back Pain

Pregnancy is extremely demanding on the lower back and the  mid-back. Studies have found that about half of all expectant  mothers will develop lower back pain at some point during  their pregnancies.[1] And for those who already have back pain,  the problem can become even worse. 

Examine the spine of an expectant mother from the side and it's  easy to understand why they are in pain. During pregnancy, a  woman carries weight to the front. This displaced weight  stretches the abdominal muscles and increases tension in the  back muscles. As the baby grows in size, it pulls down on the  mid-back (thoracic curve) and forward on the lower back  (lumbar curve) placing extra stress on the spine's natural curves.  This puts pressure on the spinal joint and disks. It may also  cause increase pressure on certain nerves, mainly the sciatic  nerve, causing pain in the legs. 

Pregnancy hormones are also at work helping loosen the  ligaments attached to the pelvic bones. But even these natural  changes to accommodate for the growing baby and for the birth  can result in posture imbalances. 

Many pregnant women have found that chiropractic adjustments  provide relief from back pain brought on by pregnancy. In fact,  a study done jointly by a chiropractor and a medical doctor  revealed that 75% of pregnant woman who received adjustment  during their pregnancies stated they found relief from pain  symptoms [2], and at least one study indicates a reduction of  labor time is associated with chiropractic care [3].  

 Chiropractic manipulation is safe for the pregnant woman and  her baby. However, contraindications to chiropractic  manipulation do apply in some cases. An expectant mother  should always let her OB/GYN or midwife know about  receiving chiropractic care.  

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