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Diet Soda makes you Gain Weight

Diet Sodas can actually make you gain weight!

It's no accident that many diet soda drinkers remain overweight. When we drink diet sodas hoping to lose weight, we're taking in artificial sweeteners that can actually make us store more fat and eat more food. Diet Sodas and Fat Storage (the Insulin Factor)


We have four primary taste receptors on our tongue - sweet, sour, bitter and salty. When we drink a diet soda, the artificial sweetener stimulates the tongue's sweet receptors. These receptors immediately signal the brain that carbohydrates in the form of sugar are on the way to the stomach. The body prepares for the arrival of the sugar by releasing insulin into the blood stream.


Insulin not only has the job of unlocking our cells so that sugars can enter, insulin also carries out the less-known function of initiating the storage of fat in our cells.


When sugars actually do enter the blood after our taste sensors have stimulated the release of insulin, the sugar will be moved into the cells that need it and insulin levels will soon return to normal. But if sugar does not enter the bloodstream after insulin is released, insulin levels will remain high in repeated attempts to find sugar and move it into our cells. This causes an extended period of high insulin level which will soon trigger insulin's secondary metabolic function of fat storage. This process promotes the storage of food into fat cells so we can use it as fuel for energy another day - a day which may never come if we do not change our diet and increase our level of exercise.


Over time, this extended period of elevated insulin causes another problem - our body develops a resistance to insulin. Insulin resistance forces the body to produce higher and higher levels of insulin to "open" the cells to receive sugar. Some of the major physical markers of insulin resistance are obesity (particularly in the abdominal area), hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Dangerously, the repetition of this process can promote the onset of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar caused by elevated levels of insulin). Hypoglycemia can later turn into diabetes, a disease that is now becoming widespread in America.


Diet Sodas and Increased Appetite

Another problem with false taste signals of sweetness triggering increased levels of insulin is the reduction of existing blood sugar to unsustainably low levels. The brain is then made to feel hunger and to want more food, so we can rebalance our blood sugar level back to normal. A cycle of hunger and eating can then develop that is counter-productive to our desire to stay fit!


The Unintended Outcome of Drinking Diet Sodas

Even though we may be trying to lose weight, regular consumption of diet sodas can cause us to store more fat. Those same high insulin levels inhibit the body from burning fat for fuel. So we will feel hungry again just hours after a meal. Even if we have excess fat on our bodies, the fat cannot be used due to the high levels of insulin trying to stimulate our bodies to store more fat.


Sources: Dr. Mitchell Hopkins, Pearl Info Tech, 2003 & Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects By Ron Rosedale, M.D.


A Healthier Approach to Weight Loss

Eliminate diet sodas in favor of healthier drinks such as purified water, lemon or lime water, apple cider,  hot or cold herbal teas, ginger tea and the like.




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