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Tips to Avoid the Flu

Naturally Avoid the Flu    "7 Tips for You"

There are many ways to naturally decrease your risk of getting the flu, and whether or not you get the flu shot this year, I strongly recommend making the tips below a part of your everyday routine for the remainder of the flu season!

Wash your hands. When you get to the office, when you come home, and throughout the day, especially after coming in contact with particularly germy areas like the, schools, doctors office, communal office supplies, and of course people showing signs of illness, wash your hands with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

Moisturize. With all this hand washing, your hands will naturally be inclined to dryness and cracking, which gives germs a direct pathway into your body. Keep a travel-size bottle of natural moisturizer in your bag (Choose one from www.goodguide.com) and lube up after every hand-washing, or throughout the day as needed.

Clear out your nose. Your nasal passages are full of mucous and tiny little hairs that are designed to trap germs and bugs to keep you from getting sick. But they can only do so much! You need to help your nose out by cleaning and lubricating it, and getting all those trapped bugs out of there! There is no better way to do this than regularly using a neti pot. It’s safe to use everyday, but if you feel like your nose is easily irritated, every other day will do the trick as well. Make sure to follow each neti session with some sesame oil or olive oil in your nose, to moisturize and soothe everything!

Get plenty of sleep!  Your body naturally needs more rest in the winter months, and when the flu bug is running rampant, getting at least 7-8 hours increases your body’s first defense against illness. You need to do whatever you can to boost your natural immunity!  So dial back the TV, internet and cellphone early and invest in your health with a little extra sleep.

Stay warm. Although being cold doesn’t actually make you sick, it can definitely lower your immune response, making you more susceptible to contracting the flu virus. So bundle up, and make sure to drink lots of warm liquids throughout the day.

Eat for health. Flu season is definitely the ideal time to get serious about healthy eating. Shoot for having as much of your diet as possible being made up of dark leafy greens, brightly colored veggies, sea vegetables, mushrooms, plant proteins, and fish to boost your immunity and not give your body any other toxins to contend with! Keep alcohol, which compromises your immunity, to a minimum, and drink tons of water! Stay away from sugar and processed foods.

If you do get sick, STAY HOME!!! The biggest cause of the flu epidemic spreading so rapidly is sick people walking around infecting everyone! Don’t take the risk, and stay home to rest, which will also help you to recover as quickly as possible!

North Adams Chiropractor | Tips to Avoid the Flu. Dr. Francine Lajoie is a North Adams Chiropractor.