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Tips to Beat Food Cravings

Know your Weaknesses. There are two types of craving foods, those we can occasionally eat a bit of, feel satisfied and are done. And those that have you licking the crumbs from the bag then tearing apart your kitchen hunting for more. Everyone's craving foods are different, so figure out what sends you on a food bender, then steer clear. Knowing the foods that you're powerless around isn't weak, it's smart. "

Keep junk food out of the house. You're less likely to gorge on chips or cookies or candy if they're not readily available in your pantry or fridge, so you do yourself a huge favor by not even bringing them home from the market. "Out of sight, out of mind is the best way." "You don't even think about them."  Load the eye level shelf in the fridge and cabinets with healthy alternatives. If you’re really, truly hungry you’ll eat them.

Find a healthier substitute. You may be able to fake out a craving and avoid the extra calories, fat, salt and sugar by eating foods that are close to what you're missing. Craving sweet? Try some grapes, raisins, nuts, dried cranberries and dried figs. See the chart of other alternatives.

Strike a bargain. If you’re really hungry ask yourself “Would I eat and apple?” If the answer is no, then you’re really not hungry.  Remember, if you’re really not hungry, then your craving. Cravings when you’re not truly hungry are emotional and do nothing for you other than add unneeded calories and weight to your body.

Cleanse your palate. There's a reason fancy restaurants serve sorbet between courses -- it cleans your taste buds so you can enjoy the next dish without being distracted by the flavors from the dish that came before. Use this same tactic to quell a craving. Brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash, chew some gum. This will change your desire for the thing you were craving.

Call a friend. A trick to not eating when you're feeling emotional is to find another source of comfort, like a good friend. Venting to or catching up with a friend is a much more waist-friendly way of relieving stress of emotional cravings.  


North Adams Chiropractor | Tips to Beat Food Cravings. Dr. Francine Lajoie is a North Adams Chiropractor.